The Bachelor's Jesse Palmer Proposes To Girlfriend Emely Fardo

The Bachelor's Jesse Palmer Proposes To Girlfriend Emely Fardo

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Even though former NFL quarterback Jesse Palmer was chosen as The Bachelor back in 2004, he didn't find his match until years later. Now, he's shared that he proposed to longtime girlfriend and model Emely Fardo-and he chose to pop the question with an elaborate getaway to Champagne, France that she didn't see coming.

Palmer spoke to the Daily Mail on Monday and gushed about his new fiancé, who he met at a group boxing class in New York City: “She has taught me, cares for me like no one else. She has made me be the best version of myself. She loves me unconditionally. I'm head over heels for her,” he told the outlet.

Then, he offered up the details of his sweet proposal. He explained that he'd carefully planned a surprise trip to France, where they had taken their first-ever romantic vacation two years ago. “We had a week off of work so I booked tickets to Montreal and let her think we were staying 10 days at my home there,” he said. “On Monday morning I surprised her and said 'pack your bags, we're going to the airport.'”

Once they arrived at the airport, Fardo realized that they were heading to Paris. From there, Palmer kept the surprise going by renting a car and driving to Champagne, where he had Fardo's favorite photographer waiting to take photos of the moment the engagement. Palmer said he was so nervous that he stuttered while getting the big question out and shared that he did part of the proposal in Portuguese, a language he's been learning because Fardo is from Brazil. Still, he said everything "turned out magically."

He gave Fardo a 3.5-carat oval-shaped diamond ring, lined with .42 carats diamonds along the platinum engagement band. (Fardo apparently loved it: "She said I knocked it out of the park," Palmer said.)

Palmer is one of many Bachelor alums who are planning on getting hitches soon. Both contestants and couples from newer seasons and spinoffs, including Raven Gates and Adam Gottschalk, are all headed to the altar in the near future. Although Palmer and Fardo are happy to be getting married, Palmer said that they're going to take some time to figure out the wedding.

“We have some ideas, but nothing concrete,” he said. “We've only told our families and close friends, so we are excited to share the news with everyone and then start planning.”

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