17 Epic Wedding Photobombs That Will Make You LOL

17 Epic Wedding Photobombs That Will Make You LOL

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A Fish Out of Water

Vitaly M Photography

Hands down, one of your faves. This kid is just doing his thing trying to catch a few fish on a Saturday and working on his tan, meanwhile the bride and groom are totes stressing out trying to get the perfect wedding pic.

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Animal Instincts

Robert Madrid Photography and Krystal Zaskey Photography

We guess this is what happens when you say "I do" at the zoo! In the middle of the photo, this sneaky sloth decided to surprise both the couple and his handler by biting the bride smack dab in the middle of the chest. According to wedding planner Stefany Allongo, founder and chief consultant of The Majestic Vision, the moment is completely genuine, and for obvious reasons is one of her absolute favorite photos (and photobombs) of all time. Don't worry - the bride was fine!

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Woman Down

Danna Frost Photography

One tequila, two tequila, three tequila, floor, ouch! The woman in black in the back may have had a little too much fun (and to drink), perhaps even more so than the groom who didn't notice because he was too busy doing the worm out on the dance floor.

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Third Wheel

Munoz Photography

Say cheese! Don't mind this guy, he just wanted to get in on the action. Apparently three's not a crowd though because this bride and groom are still adorably posed like they have no idea he's even there. Or do they?

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Public Displays of Affection

The LXA by Vincent Hogan

Talk about a first kiss for the books! We can just envision the crowd in the back chanting, "Make out, make out, make out!" until the couple finally caves and kisses. The best part of this picture by far though is the photobomber guest directly to the right of the bride in the front

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Party Animal

Alyssa Campbell Photography

Guess who! This dog wasn't about to be a party pooper (duh!) so he found the best hiding spot he possibly could - underneath his mommy's wedding dress, of course. Does it get any cuter than this?

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Veronica L. Yankowski

I see you! Note to self: ask officiant to step aside for the first kiss. Otherwise, your photo opp may wind up looking a lot like this LOL.

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Hide and Seek

L.A. Banquets

I spy a bunch of mini photobombers! Personally, we couldn't think of a better hiding place than beneath the beautiful bride's long train so kudos to these little cuties. Also, is it just us or does the bride pictured look almost identical to Kourtney Kardashian?

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Team Spirit

Maggie Stolzberg Photography

What's a groom to do when his alma mater mascot not only crashes his big day but photobombs his cake cutting too? While you can't quite capture his epic expression in this pic, just know that he about peed his pants with surprise when he finally did notice Sebastian the Ibis showed up to celebrate this monumental moment with him. We'll give all the credit to the bride (also a University of Miami graduate) on this one though. She figured a groom's cake was too played out, so she one-upped everyone.

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Cry Baby

Nancy Cohn

It may not be her wedding, but you best believe this little diva will cry if she wants to and even throw herself onto the ground (with no pants on) for an impromptu photobomb. Hey, it's hard out here for a flower girl. Wonder if her dress was just too itchy? If so, we can't blame her.

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Baby Got Back

Nancy Cohn

Mom was all ready to pose for a pic when this grandchild (yep, same kid as pictured on the last slide) came in like a wrecking ball and broke it down dancing. We're glad to see that she's at least in a better mood now. The look on grandma's face in this photo is literally priceless.

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Scaredy Cat

Dideo Films Photography

Okay, so maybe it's not technically a photobomb, but close enough! While the bride is super chilled out and looking on lovingly to her pet, her cat is going absolutely. We can only hope this photo had a happy ending and the bride's face and dress weren't harmed in the making.

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Jump the Groom

Dideo Films Photography

Well, hello there, Mr. Jumping Groom! Instead of standing beside the bride for a traditional family photo opp (psh, who does that anymore?), this groom decided to get up off his feet and catch some air in the background. We must say, we're very impressed with his hops.

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Guests Gone Wild

Kesha Lambert Photography

Every bridal portrait could use a little spicing up! It may have been this bride's time to shine, but rest assured, her guests were not about to miss their moment in the spotlight. Luckily, the bride finds the humor in the situation too and can't help but laugh along with her friends. Aww.

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Where's Waldo?

Pete Lott Photography

Can you find the bride hiding in this pic? Took you a second, now didn't it? This one definitely wins the award for most clever/hard-to-notice-it's-even-a-photobomb photobomb pic. Come out, come out wherever you are, bride!

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The Father of the Groom

DK Collection

This dad was not about to miss out on the photobombing fun! Either he's had one too many pre-ceremony cocktails or he just has an epic sense of humor. Our gut feeling is it's the latter. You do you, dad, you do you.


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