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Influencer Diipa Khosla's Custom-Made Ashi Studio Gown Took Over 1600 Hours To Make

Influencer Diipa Khosla's Custom-Made Ashi Studio Gown Took Over 1600 Hours To Make

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We're lucky enough to see wedding gowns that take our breath away every single day, so it takes quite a bit to stop us in our tracks when it comes to bridal style. But such was the case when we laid eyes on influencer Diipa Khosla's jaw-dropping dress when she married Oleg BГјller at the Fateh Garh Heritage Hotel in Udaipur. So many dream of their big day, but the affair of these two lovebirds spanned four days in total: combining both Indian and Dutch traditions.

Though there was so much to be mesmerized by during the half-a-week of festivities, Khosla's gown was an absolute showstopper-a custom-made gown by none other than Ashi Studio. The famed brand has dressed the likes of Cardi B, Sonam Kapoor, Lady Gaga, Aishwarya Rai Bachnan, and many more stylish stars, so working with Ashi was a no-brainer for Khosla.

“I was a fan of Mr. Ashi's work for years,” the new bride told “I have always been in awe of his couture pieces. So when it was time for me to become a bride, I knew the only designer who could create the magical moment for me would be Mr. Ashi. He has such a beautiful understanding of east meets west, fashion and art, and just how to make a woman feel her most beautiful self in his work.”

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It all began when Khosla met Ashi a year before her big day in Paris. “This was where we both told each other of our pasts, our cultures and mutual love for couture,” she revealed. “At the end of the meeting all he said was, 'I know now exactly the dress I want to create for you.'” And the rest as we say is history.

A few weeks after that Parisian meeting, Khosla received the first sketch of her dress and her jaw dropped. “It looked so beautiful on paper that I couldn't even imagine how it would look in real life,” she gushed. “Months on month, the dress slowly started coming to life. I would see it bit by bit, layer by layer. Until the day I got to see the full final dress.”

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Though Khosla is a bonafide social media star, Ashi set out to put her on the same style level that he has done with so many of his other star-studded clientele. “It was honestly beyond my wildest dreams,” Khosla beamed. “Mr. Ashi knew exactly how to translate my fairytale fantasy into a reality, drawing inspiration from several Indian artworks and the Maharaja inspiration, creating an intricately designed bridal gown fit for a princess.”

And a princess she was! The cream-colored confection took over 1,600 hours of craftsmanship by 35 artisans to complete. The hand-embroidered tulle, princess-cut gown weighed 26 pounds: talk about commitment on Khosla's part!

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When it comes to storage of the one-of-a-kind piece, Khosla will keep it in the new house she is moving into with her husband. “I will have a huge custom closet with a very special corner just for this dress,” she divulged. It will be almost a constant reminder of our fairy tale wedding right there in my closet.” How sweet! And to top it all off, the duo decided to take one another's names: turning her into Diipa Khosla-Büller & him into Oleg Büller-Khosla.