Former President Barack Obama Just Officiated a Wedding That's Officially Cooler Than Yours

Former President Barack Obama Just Officiated a Wedding That's Officially Cooler Than Yours

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DC staffers Dana Remus and Brett Holmgren's wedding-day vision was simple: They wanted to “have an awesome party and not worry about all the little things.” And with former President Barack Obama leading the ceremony, they didn't have to. That's right-Obama actually officiated this couple's recent wedding! We can only assume things went off without a hitch.

On Sunday January 21, Remus and Holmgren said I do in front of their family, friends, and, oh yeah, Obama at District Winery in Washington, D.C., according to Washingtonian. We've heard of celebrities officiating weddings before (we're looking at you Kris Jenner, Carly Rae Jepsen, and Anna Farris), but this presidential officiant certainly takes the wedding cake.

The newlyweds decided to ask their boss-Remus is the general counsel for the Obama Foundation and Obama's personal office, while Holmgren is the former special assistant to the President and the senior director for intelligence programs on the National Security Council Staff-if he could spare some time from his retirement to take part in their big day.

“We had decided to invite him because he was such an important part of our lives,” Holmgren told Washingtonian. “We also asked him if he could officiate, and he was intrigued with the idea.”

Obama obviously warmed up to the concept and agreed to take on the task, but his involvement in the nuptials was left as a day-of surprise for most of the couple's 120 guests. “It was a very, very exciting moment,” Mary Holmgren, the groom's mother said. “Everybody who was there was just flabbergasted and amazed at just what a nice person he is.”

Obama even added some personal touches to the ceremony. “He complimented them both on their work, on the type of people they were, threw in a tiny bit of humor,” explained the mother-of-the-groom. “He spoke about how their work has been a service to the people and how the two of them compliment each other. Very, very sincere remarks. It came from his heart.”

While Obama didn't stick around for the Cha-Cha Slide, he did spend enough time hanging out to sign the marriage certificate and snap a few photos.

“He stayed around a little bit for pictures with the family, but he did not want to detract from their day,” Mary said. This guy, always thinking of others.

We've since tracked down the President's escort card on Instagram (above), and we can only imagine this calligrapher's shock at having to make out a card for the 44th president of the United States. (We bet she spent some extra time on those looping swirls!)

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It's no surprise the president signed on for this favor. He's probably a sucker for love given the epic marriage he has with former First Lady Michelle Obama. The two have been married for 25 years. And this isn't his first time taking on wedding-day duties, either. Last year, Obama appeared at the wedding of two other Washington staffers, where he took on the role of groomsman. And he wasn't the only major political player in the room-John Kerry officiated!

Photo by 6 of Four Photography