5 Awesome Registry Picks for Health-Conscious Couples

5 Awesome Registry Picks for Health-Conscious Couples

Are you the type of couple that wakes up at 5a.m., whips up a pair of energy-boosting superfood smoothies and heads off to the gym? If so, our hats are off to you for accomplishing both #relationship and #fitness goals in one fell swoop. Let your wedding registry reflect your joint passion for healthy living with products and experiences that make eating well and exercising together a snap (and have fun while you're at it).

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1. Juicer
A sleek rose gold finish will make you want to leave this stylish new juicer on the counter (and then use it all the time for your daily green juice, obviously). A patented technology works at an optimal low speed to squeeze out all the moisture and nutrients from fruits and vegetables. Both fine and course strainers are included to custom control the amount of pulp in your drink. ("H-AA" rose gold slow juicer, $459, Hurom)

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2. Exercise Classes
The couple that works out together stays together. A new, exclusive partnership between Zola and SoulCycle allows engaged couples to register for class packs at the super popular, cardio-pumping cycling studios. For a real splurge, you can even put on your wish list a signature yellow SoulCycle bike for your at-home practice. (SoulCycle classes available at

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3. His and Hers Fitbits
Updated technology make these wireless fitness accessories even more easy to track calories burned, steps taken, and distance covered while exercising (you can even monitor sleep patterns!). The removable tracker is interchangeable with other, so you can switch up the color and style of your band (or the chic new pendant necklace design that's now available) based on your outfit. ("Flex 2" and "Flex 2 Bangle" fitness trackers, $100 each, Fitbit)

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4. Cooking Scale and App
The ideal gift to pair with a Vitamix blender (our favorite registry splurge), this innovative kitchen scale helps couples count calories, prep meals and stick with health goals. The interactive recipe app makes it easy to monitor nutritional info while making a smoothie or salad dressing, and the scale automatically adjusts ingredients and portion size based on number of servings entered. ("Perfect Blend" smart scale and recipe app, $99, Vitamix)

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5. Vegetable Spiralizer
Give your veggies a major makeover with this compact tabletop tool, which features four stainless-steel interchangeable blades to make thin spiral strands (similar to angel hair spaghetti but minus the carbs), thin slices, accordion cuts, and shoestring-style pieces. (4-blade spiralizer, $50, Paderno available at Williams-Sonoma)