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This Is the Facial You Need to Try Before Your Wedding

This Is the Facial You Need to Try Before Your Wedding

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Ask any esteemed aesthetician about pre-wedding beauty routines and she's likely to tell you that regular facials (read: one each month, beginning at least six months prior to your walk down the aisle) combined with a consistent, quality skin-care routine are the secret to a flawless complexion. Traditional facials-with a thorough cleanse, exfoliation, extraction, and massage-at your favorite spa or dermatologist's office can do wonders to clear and brighten your skin, but if you're hoping to really transform the look and feel of your face before your wedding, do yourself a favor and book a microcurrent facial instead.

Microcurrent has garnered plenty of buzz lately thanks to devotees like DJ and fitness expert Hannah Bronfman, who have documented the innovative antiaging treatment on social media. You've probably seen the Instagram and Snapchat stories of faces being stroked and smushed by a set of skinny metal wands; they emit a mild electrical current that stimulates the skin and facial muscles, causing a facelift-like effect.

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It's a technology that's been used for over a century to heal soft-tissue damage and other injuries by speeding up cell production and repair-and the results, even after a single appointment, are impressive. “In one 50-minute treatment, microcurrent will lift and contour the face, improve skin tone and texture, promote circulation and collagen production, and diminish fine lines, dark circles, and puffiness,” says facialist Shamara Bondaroff of New York City's SB Skin. “It's instant gratification with zero pain.”

The idea of instant gratification is what makes microcurrent a fitting treatment for brides-to-be. “It gives your skin that youthful plumpness, tautness, and glow without any of the residual redness and marks that a traditional extraction facial can cause,” Bondaroff says, emphasizing that brides can have microcurrent done the day before the wedding without having to worry about lingering side effects. Plus, since one microcurrent treatment has the power to take five to seven years off your face, there's really no better (or quicker!) way to reveal tighter, more radiant skin in time for your big day.


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