BRIDES Southern California: How to Have the Ultimate Bachelorette Weekend in Ojai

BRIDES Southern California: How to Have the Ultimate Bachelorette Weekend in Ojai

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Less than a two-hour drive from Los Angeles, tucked away between sun-kissed mountains and surrounded by citrus groves is the bohemian paradise that is Ojai Valley. For brides-to-be who crave some R&R rather than a wild party, the idyllic sleepy town is the perfect place to escape to for a relaxing bachelorette weekend getaway thanks to its postcard-worthy views, health-conscious cuisine, and decidedly laid-back vibe. Here is your ultimate itinerary for an unforgettable bachelorette weekend in Ojai.

Where to Stay

Fair warning: once you stay at the Ojai Valley Inn & Spa, you may never want to leave. Situated on 220 acres of lush grounds, the luxurious resort offers so many things to do and enjoy with your favorite ladies - without ever leaving the property. Spend your bach weekend playing tennis, taking fitness classes, relaxing by the pool, and hitting up the spa to unwind with a group Kuyam cleansing ritual. Looking for a more rustic Ojai experience? Stay at the Instagrammable Ojai Ranch Inn where cottages are adorned with succulents and feature in-room Jacuzzi tubs and fireplaces. Wherever you stay, don't miss Ojai's magical "pink moment" at sunset when the valley's mountains are bathed in the prettiest pink hue.

Where to Shop

Ojai is brimming with eclectic boutiques so we highly suggest carving some time out for some retail therapy with your girls. Visit book lover's paradise Bart's Books and explore the shelves to unearth rare tomes or pick up a juicy read to enjoy poolside. Dekor & Co is another must-stop. The dreamy lifestyle haven is filled with chic home goods, jewelry, beauty products, and much more. A true treasure trove, Fig Curated Living also tops the list of shopping favorites with its assortment of locally and handmade ceramics, bath products, and garden dГ©cor.

Where to Eat

Knead Baking Company is a favorite among locals and visitors alike for its divine pastries and delicious breakfast foods. For dinner, take your girls to Osteria Monte Grappa for dangerously good Italian fare made from fresh, locally sourced ingredients. Go crazy with the pastas and seafood dishes. When you and your BFFs need to refuel midday, venture off the beaten path and enjoy organic Mexican-inspired dishes at Farmer and the Cook.

What to Do

It's practically against the rules to weekend in Ojai and not go on a hike. The Shelf Road Trails is perhaps one of the most popular hiking trails. It's short and sweet and offers dramatic Instagram-worthy photo ops. Meditation Mount is another serene must-visit spot in Ojai. Drop by to luxuriate in a meditation session surrounded by nature or just soak in the scenic views. Either way it's a tranquil space that will help you shake off all of your wedding planning worries. Don't leave town without visiting one of the valley's main attractions: Ojai Olive Oil. There you can tour the lush grounds, learn all about extra virgin oil olive, and swing by the tasting room on your way out.


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