Adam Levine's Newest Tattoo Is Dedicated to Behati Prinsloo

Adam Levine's Newest Tattoo Is Dedicated to Behati Prinsloo

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Adam Levine just declared his true love for wife Behati Prinsloo-with the help of some new ink. The singer took to Instagram to show off a few of his recently added tattoos, which read “True Love” across eight of his knuckles.

Prinsloo shared a snap of her husband's new art, writing, “The truest… 🖤 @milo.decruz @bryanrandolph.” Tagged were tattoo artist Bryan Randolph, and Levine's bassist, friend, musical director, and photographer of the snap Milo Decruz. Just in case it wasn't clear enough who the object of the singer's affection was, Randolph posted the same image to Instagram, writing in the caption, “Finger jams on @adamlevine. 📷: @milo.decruz. True Love: @behatiprinsloo and Dusty.” It was, perhaps, Levine who posted the most eye-catching image of them all, however, with a racy snapshot of his hands holding on to Prinsloo's thong-clad behind. Under the image, he wrote, “… it's worth holding onto… 👀📷 by @milo.decruz and permanent illustration by @bryanrandolph.”

Levine and Prinsloo have been married since July 2014, when they tied the knot in Los Cabos, Mexico, with an epic bridal party made up of Victoria's Secret models and Maroon 5 band members. The couple had a daughter, Dusty Rose Levine, this past September.

Even though Adam Levine's tattoo is decidedly larger than his wife's, Prinsloo also commemorated her marriage with a tattoo of her own a few years ago: three dots on her ring finger. The model told Yahoo! Style that “it means being one with the earth. And I just wanted it on my ring finger so when I take my engagement and wedding rings off, it's still there!"

Although Levine has more tattoos than we can even fathom (for an inclusive list, see The Cut's "Exhaustive Taxonomy of the singer's ink," it's his newest addition that has us all swooning.


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