5 Hacks to Help You Crank Out Thank You Notes Quicker

5 Hacks to Help You Crank Out Thank You Notes Quicker

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If the worst part of planning a wedding is the actual planning part (kidding, well, kind of!), then the second worst part definitely has to be writing the thank you notes, especially if your big day wasn't exactly on the small side. Ugh, kill us now! It's like the work never ends even after the wedding is over and done with. So of course, like any other bride, you want to get those thank you notes over and done with as quick as possible. But procrastination sounds so much better right now. We know, we know; it's tough! Fortunately, we've rounded up five helpful hacks that will encourage you to get those thank you notes out in a jiffy and lift a weight off your shoulders at the same time. So yeah, it's a win-win!

1. Address your thank you notes with the invitations

Kill two birds with one stone… or uh, something like that. Chancey Charm Atlanta wedding planner Brie Owens recommends investing time beforehand and addressing your thank you envelopes at the same time as your invitations. "Bring the bridesmaids over to help and take a photo at your reception or engagement session with a thank you sign that you can send with a brief thanks!"

2. Buy a return address stamp

Just trust us on this one; it's crucial! Chancey Charm Charlotte wedding planner Miranda Tassi agrees. In addition to pre-labeling your envelopes and return address ahead of time, to be super speedy, she suggests ordering a fun return address stamp with your new name on it. That way you can avoid having to handwrite your address. Plus, you can use it on invitations and RSVPs too! Etsy is a great place to get these on the cheap.

3. Use a template

That can be easily customized, of course, says Chancey Charm Houston wedding planner Skylar Caitlin. "Simply swap out the name, the specific gift and how you plan to use their gift." Done and done.

4. Get your partner involved

Ah, now this one's definitely our favorite hack! Cut the number of thank you notes you personally have to pen in half by assigning your hubby a bunch to do on his own. He might grumble at first, but just remind him that you pretty much planned the entire wedding so it's really the least he could do. Normally, the way it works is he would write the thank you notes to his friends and family and you to yours. You can split up cards for mutual friends to make it fair.

5. Do a bunch in one sitting

If you're one of those people who, once you're in your flow, you can't stop won't stop then we suggest plopping down at your kitchen table on a Sunday (perhaps with a bottle of wine or some mimosas) and getting busy writing thank you notes. Chances are, once you get started you'll get in your groove fast and the mood to write, and crank those cards out in no time flat. Do this for one Sunday or a few Sundays and you'll be done in no time flat.