Sophie Turner Compares Joe Jonas to an Adorably Frisky Puppy

Sophie Turner Compares Joe Jonas to an Adorably Frisky Puppy

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Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas are like the gift that keeps on giving. Between the matching outfits, the love songs, and the adorable Instagram antics, it's hard not to be as in love with these two lovebirds as they are with each other. And this week, Turner cheekily revealed just how Jonas shows off his love for her.

The Game of Thrones star recently appeared in a video for Buzzfeed alongside some seriously adorable puppies. During her interview, one of the doggos got a little frisky and nudged his way into Turner's white jacket. "You remind me of my husband," she joked, which, LOL. Buzzfeed producer Christian Zamora shared a clip of the video on Twitter, writing, "Your wife called you out!"

As much as Joe Jonas is a "Sucker" for Sophie Turner, the feeling is very clearly mutual. She called him "daddy" in a recent Instagram comment, and a few months ago, she shared a photo to the 'gram of herself fawning over a poster of her man from his teenage years.

The couple wed in a secret ceremony in Las Vegas after the 2019 Billboard Music Awards in April (which, as Jonas recently revealed, became slightly less secretive when Diplo decided to livestream it on Instagram… ) , and are said to be planning a larger destination wedding at some point this year. Jonas penned one of the songs on the Jonas Brother's new album, called "Hesitate," specifically in honor of his new wife. "This is an important song," he wrote in the editor's notes. "I wrote it for my significant other, Sophie, and it's one of those love letters that you write to your partner saying, 'I'll be there no matter what.'”

But it looks like he now has some competition, by way of a golden retriever puppy!

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