Internet Reacts to Bride's Demands That Florist Create Wedding Arrangements for Free

Internet Reacts to Bride's Demands That Florist Create Wedding Arrangements for Free

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Wedding flowers play a huge role in establishing the aesthetic of your ceremony and reception. From your bouquet to the centerpieces, flowers are among the many elements a couple often wants to be just so.

Of course, the execution of your vision typically comes at a price-something this bride only just learned, it seems. The bride in question is going viral thanks to posts on Imgur and Reddit where someone shared screenshots of text messages between the bride and a potential florist named Mimi.

First the bride-to-be shared a photo of a reception featuring fairly large and intricate floral displays on the tables asking if it would be something Mimi could execute. The florist replies "absolutely," letting the woman know that garlands like the one pictured would cost around $18 per foot. "Why so much," the bride replied, adding that she would be having 18 tables that are approximately 10 feet long.

Mimi goes on to explain that the particular design would entail around three-and-a-half hours to create one of the settings, which includes weaving in flowers, adding up to about 80 hours of labor. Mimi even suggests to the bride that they could save money by picking more inexpensive flowers. This is where the conversation really goes off the rails.

"Well I was kinda just hoping you could buy the flowers at wholesale cost and just make them if you didn't mind," the bride replied. Mimi was rightfully confused: "I'm not sure really understanding what you mean lol," she wrote. "Like you wanted me to buy them at my cost and wanted me not to charge for labor?"

"Well yeah if you didn't mind," the bride reiterates. "I'm already spending 10 grand on my wedding and flowers are the last thing I need. You would get nice pictures of your work li sic would be helping you if anything because that pricing is crazy. I really like your stuff though if you could spare the time to help us out." Mimi somehow remained calm as she continued to let the bride know she has no intention to work on her wedding for free, even offering to suggest other florists for price comparison.

The bride still didn't seem to get it leaving the florist to shut the conversation down. "No I don't work for free, ma'am," Mimi wrote. "Let me know if there's anything else I can help you out with. Have a great night!"

Wow-and bless Mimi for her patience. Many commenters on Reddit had some tough talk for the bride in this scenario. "80 hours a work for free? She's out of her damn mind," one user wrote. "Why do folk think people's time isn't worth anything? It's the rarest commodity we possess. You can always get more gold, silver, money, etc. but your time on this earth is finite,"' another added.

This Redditor summed it up fairly succinctly. "80 hours is essentially two weeks of full-time work. She's asking you to work for two weeks for her for free," RuderAwakening wrote. What goes through people's heads when they make these requests? 'Oh, you must not need to pay for food or rent or anything, you just have unlimited time and money to spend on me"

Read the entire text exchange here, and make sure to set aside money in your budget for flowers if that's something you'll want on your big day. If not, there's always plenty of DIY alternatives…

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